Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week - Monday

This week is a very special week. It is the most important week on the entire Christian calendar and within this week we remember the events that changed our world forever. I always try to do something extra special this week of the year, and this year I have chosen to journey with you through a book by Adam Hamilton. 24 Hours that Changed the World is a great book with only 7 chapters. So Each Day - Today to Easter Sunday - I will review a chapter from the book. 

Chapter 1 - The Last Supper

When reflecting on the last supper Adam Hamilton does a fantastic job of describing the historical setting, background, and timeline of the events that happened during those hours.

Any time we look at this meal there are questions that we should ask of ourselves and things that we should humbly accept. The first of these things is the controversy of the statement Christ makes "one of you will betray me."  We often want to think that surely it is not I that would betray Christ, just as many of those in the room with him had. The reality is that we can personally identify with the experience of each disciple that night. Some of us are overcome with greed and feel as if continuing to fight for Christ in this time and place is a losing battle so we might as well cash in while we can, and we find ourselves with the blood on our hands from 30 pieces of silver. Some of us are overcome with fear as we see the pain and difficulty associated with admitting a relationship with Jesus, and we find ourselves in the place of Peter denying that we know him. Some of us feel like we try and try and try so hard but we just cannot continue with the discipline and focus it takes to follow Christ and we find ourselves asleep in the Garden. We find ourselves confused and questioning the Power of Christ in our own lives and find ourselves saying nothing and wondering the same as those who pass by the cross mocking Jesus saying if you are the Messiah the just come down from the cross and we will believe. We seem to want just a little more and a little more proof. 

The reality is not just that we can identify with the one who betrayed or the one who denied Jesus, the reality is that everyone in that room left Christ alone. Everyone turned their back. Each of us does the same. May we not continue to hide in shame of what we have done but realize that even after Christ knew what was going to happen, He still shared a meal with his friends. He still washed their feet. He still gave his life to overcome death for them. Even though he knows the deepest darkest parts of your soul, He Still Loves You to Death. 

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