Thursday, January 9, 2014

The American Dream - 7 Simple Steps for Starting A Business

Some say that the only way to move up in life is hard work. They would be right. However I find they usually mean working long hours to make some employer happy so that you can get a promotion. While that can lead to a bigger income and a stronger resume making more money down the road, the reality is that incomes really are not increasing the way they used to.

You don’t have to give yourself away trading more of your time for a portion of someone else’s money. Starting a business has never been easier than it is right now. If you have an internet connection and a creative mind you can invest that hard work into yourself.

It seems to me that the steps anyone can take no matter your current social class are simple… difficult? Absolutely, but here are the ingredients for starting your own company and changing your family’s future.

1.     Come up with an awesome idea – This is where you think of what kind of product or service you have some skill, expertise or passion about. For some this is an easy step and some people will look for lists of other people’s ideas to keep from having to do it.

2.     Legal Zoom – Get your idea incorporated quickly and cheaply. Their basic LLC service runs $99 plus the state filing fee which all told should be under $500. This step provides some legal benefits as well as adding a motivation and legitimacy factor. (This step can be delayed in certain situations)

3.     Build a website offers a great template format for building professional websites that you can make yourself. The best part is that you can set up a site for FREE. I however recommend signing up for the Yearly Unlimited Premium account. Your website will be one of the most significant pieces of making money. If you are selling something that people can buy from the website use Shopify to integrate e-commerce simply and without taking people away from your page.

4.     Create – We live in a content driven world. When you create a great product or have a great idea you instantly have something of value. To build a business that is worth something (even if it’s a blog or podcast), you must spend a lot of effort on creating content.

5.     Connect – Some people call this marketing, but for me it’s about more than generating random traffic. Connecting with people on a personal level will increase your ability to sell them on your idea or purchasing your product. If you connect with them well enough they can become an advocate for you and will begin creating a bigger following for you.

6.     Ask – (a.k.a. Sell) Once you have created something of value and connected people to what you have to offer at some point you have to ask something of them. It can be something as simple as clicking on a link, or using an offer code on something they were already interested in purchasing, or asking them to purchase something from you. It doesn’t matter how much value you have created if you never ask the people you have connected with to take action on that value either by voice or by money.

7.     Repeat Steps 4,5,6 – To change your families future, to achieve the American Dream, it will take a lot of Hard Work! Invest that hard work in yourself. Always continue to Create Connect, and Ask. Grow your business. Grow your income. Give yourself a promotion

Good Luck.

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