Thursday, November 19, 2015


*** The following is an email I sent to some friends recently informing them of what I am up to ***


I am in the first month still of trying a new thing in terms of ministry.I want you to understand what I am doing and why. In the end of this email I will offer ways you can easily and practically help me.

I am building a YouTube Channel. Though it is new and quality/exposure is very small so far, the feedback has been amazing. I have re-purposed some of my time to do this because I feel it is important. 

Why - People have migrated to the internet, it is how we are communicating right now. More and more, information is consumed in video form. Conversations with loved ones are taking place in video dialogue. As communication becomes easier and easier to do digitally, connecting to the whole world through a device in your pocket, creation of community is shifting.

When someone is in need of help on any number of subjects they can typically find what they are looking for on YouTube. If a teenager in my neighborhood is depressed and looking for hope, they are more likely to go binge watch YouTube videos than they are to come through the doors of the church to find that hope. Unfortunately, a majority of religious conversation on YouTube is lead by Atheists. It is my desire to create a pastoral presence digitally

What is it?
The channel will be listed by my name and themed as:
Pastor Jacob - Offering faith, hope, and love in online community

The videos I am/will be making will be mostly off the cuff direct to camera discussion of my point of view as a pastor, though there will be some subjects that will be scripted.

The Videos will primarily fall into 3 categories:
1. Short (under 5 min), Scripture based, Devotionals
2. Conversation on difficult matters 
3. Answering questions of life and faith.

I will occasionally also be posting videos of my family. They are an important part of who I am so they will be featured occasionally.

How can you help?
1. Watch my Videos
2. Subscribe - So you will know when new videos are posted
3. Click Like and Comment
4. Share the link across your social media platforms (be sure to make a brief statement of what you found useful from the video)
5. Click "Support Channel" on my channel page and make a monetary donation*
***Update*** You can support the channel via now!
6. Offer your skills and resources to help me produce/edit new videos.

At this early stage of developing this channel, any of these things help. Monetary donations would go directly into the channel for things like advertising and purchasing of needed equipment to improve video quality**. 

Most of all I want you to be in prayer for me. As I mentioned earlier, the feedback so far has been amazing. One night someone unexpected texted a little after midnight, having stumbled across a video about dead faith. This person was moved to tears and felt so blessed by the video they just wanted to let me know so bad they didn't care that it was late at night. This is the exact kind of hope that I have for this channel. That any given single view could change someones heart, or mind. That any given view could change someones day, week, or life.

Shoot me a message and let me know you will stand behind me in this endeavor.

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