Thursday, February 23, 2017

Christianity and Democracy are opposing ideas

Over the last several months, I have been bothered by the political rhetoric of Christians on both sides of the political aisle. The sermon (below) was influenced by the frustrating divisions that exist in our culture, even among Christians.

I must say that I do put forward my political position in this sermon and I will be even more direct right here.

Christianity and Democracy are opposing ideas. Christians are to pledge their loyalty to Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus, therefore, is who we acknowledge as the sovereign of our own lives. By doing this we are claiming that we do not put our trust and hope into a democratically elected political figure but instead we entrust our lives to a benevolent monarch.

Furthermore, although not addressed in the sermon below, Christians should have a heart for minority concerns as Jesus himself advocates for the least and the lost. While admittedly many utilize democratic process to try and advocate for those in the margins of our world, democracy itself gives no concern for the minority. That is a basic civic statement that I am confident some will find controversial but it should not be. Think about it… anytime you put a matter to a vote, the majority wins and inversely the minority loses.

Nonetheless, faithful Christians are not excluded from participation in democracy. Personally, I encourage participation in politics in whatever setting you are governed by. I also believe that democracy is the next best thing to a benevolent monarch and Jesus is the only one history has ever seen that has lived up to the standards of a king that our scripture provides. So really a democracy, while imperfect, is the best we have and our participation in it should be influenced by our faith in Jesus Christ.
*** This in no way means that we should vote for a person because of their stated faith. It means we should vote for who we believe can execute the office to which they are being elected in order that they may bless the entirety of the people they serve***

My point in the post is this – We as Christians are called to love even the people we disagree with.

Check out the sermon below and accept the challenge.

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