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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holy Week - Wednesday

This week is a very special week. It is the most important week on the entire Christian calendar and within this week we remember the events that changed our world forever. I always try to do something extra special this week of the year, and this year I have chosen to journey with you through a book by  Adam Hamilton. 24 Hours that Changed the World is a great book with only 7 chapters. So Each Day - Monday to Easter Sunday - I will review a chapter from the book. I very much recommend that you click the link here and overnight yourself a copy so that you can join in the discussions of each chapter in the comments below.

Chapter 3 - Condemned by the Righteous

Today we are reminded of several things that are present in the world today that cause pain. When looking at the story of Jesus' so called trial at the Sanhedrin we are reminded of the damage we can cause from love of power, authority, and respect of peers or fear of loosing such things. Surely of the 71 members of the Sanhedrin or those simply observing the spectacle someone knew that what was happening was not right. Spitting, Taunting, Beating, and lying are not things looked favorably on by the Torah and would not be model behavior that the so called righteous would normally display. In the secrecy of those early morning hours without the accountability of the public, the moral examples in Jerusalem became bullies. And even though it is likely that not everyone participated in the belittling of Jesus, it is clear that not one spoke up for what was right.

How often do we fall victim to defaming another around us? When we speak with negativity about people we seek to justify ourselves by claiming as truth the most negative examples we can think of to describe a person. How does that make us any different or any better? When we do this to people we know are we not doing it also then to Christ whose image humankind was made in? When we do this are we not belittling God's Creation? Or what about when we simply fail to speak up? What about when we simply fail to do what
is right? I know you are thinking well if that is what is required then we might as well give up because we can't live to that expectation every time. That is exactly the point! You and I will continue to mess up every hour of every day we will fail to live in perfect community failing to lover our neighbor and failing to hear the cry of the needy. This is why Christ has died for us: so that we would never give up. He took our punishment; he took our death so that we might live better tomorrow than we did today never being ashamed of the times we have failed but instead using those instances as examples to drive ourselves and those around us to a better future.

It is no coincidence that Peter's Denial is also a part of this story. As Adam Hamilton points out the story of Peter's denial is present in all of the gospels so many people would have had to have heard the story for this to happen. Yet the only one who was there to pass on the story was Peter himself. This example challenges us to use the deepest and darkest embarrassments and failures of our life in a way not only to challenge others to move beyond our flaws but as a way of highlighting God's love and Mercy and how if he can forgive even that, then surely there is hope for us all.

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