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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hour Of Code - Christmas Break Challenge

Has anyone heard of this "Hour of Code" already? I may be late to the party.

Aparently there are a few computer science students that have started a pretty epic movement. and have taught over 8 million people some basics about writing code and creating computer programs. These 8 million people have written over 250 Million lines of code.

"When we live in a world driven by technology, if you can write software you can change the world."

Seems like a novel concept. The official website for hour of code is

So here is a challenge: I am challenge myself and you to an hour of learning how to write code.

If you accept the challenge share this post and challenge your friends. Once you have completed the challenge take a screen shot of the code you wrote link to the picture in the comments for this post and tell me about what you wrote.

I will pick the best code written anyone who is not already a computer programmer and feature it in a blog post.