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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Created Good

Jan Brueghel: The Younger Creation of Adam
A fundamental aspect of how we see the world around us and how we understand Christianity stems from how we understand who we are. What is our nature as humans? If we were created by a good God why is there suffering? 

Christians for centuries have been trying to answer these questions. Many of the voices in Protestantism about human nature come from theologians around the time of the reformation. You may notice that people like John Wesley and Rob Bell have a very different perspective than your average evangelical Christian. Their theology is strongly influenced by a 3rd century theologian named Irenaeus whose work laid the foundation for the beliefs the church would grow on. There were many different sects who claimed to follow Jesus' teachings that were far from what you or I believe about God, and Irenaeus wrote directly confronting those groups and in doing so laid out a convincing perspective that continues to have appeal even today. Irenaeus had this concept that we were created good and that makes all the difference. Below is a paper I wrote attempting to explain this concept in some depth. I hope you are able to see truth in it that you have known with your life, and that you can see aspects of things you hear in a Methodist church, or even in Rob Bell's books/videos.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Do I Write About Business Things As A Christian Blogger?

Simply Put, I write about business and money because the subjects have a profound impact on our spirituality and our church communities.

It has come to my attention that some people look disparagingly on the fact that I write about business things occasionally instead of purely writing about theological concepts. I have since shifted most of my writing about making money online to articles on and have held back my promoting of those articles. Now I have an increasing guilt about this subject, because if I am honest with myself business posts are just as important to my online ministry as a 3 Minute Theology about the incarnation. In fact, they may have a more practical and Wesleyan purpose than a purely spiritual article.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 29 - Dinner Party

Day 29 – 10 people throughout history over for dinner

I have taken a Blog Challenge to blog daily for 30 days mostly about myself so that you and others can get to know me a bit better. Tell a friend about this month, or like and interact with me on my Facebook ministry page at

Now, respecting the guests of this figurative dinner table I would have to have a ground rule that I controlled the topics and flow of conversation, not so that I could dominate it but simply to establish some form of order because they would all have so very much to say. (we will also assume that they are all miraculously speaking English for the evening)
  1. Jesus – God himself
  2. The Apostle Paul – Dude could preach
  3. Saint Peter – Walked on water/ first bishop of Rome
  4. John Wesley – Anglican Priest/ instigator of the Methodist movement
  5. Martin Luther King Jr – Civil Rights Movement
  6. King David - Great King of the bible
  7. My Wife – I just love that girl and want her to be there
  8. Ghandi - Lead peaceful resistance in India against British Empire
  9. Sun Tsu – Author of “The Art of War”
  10. Catherine II – Empress of Russia 1762-1796

As Always thanks for your time and giving this a read. If you enjoyed it share it with friends, you can do so easily with one of the buttons below. I pray that you will embrace life in the Love and Grace offered to you through Jesus Christ, and that you will always remember Jeremiah 29:11.  – For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, Plans to Proper You and not for harm, Plans with Hope for the Future.