Monday, October 28, 2013

Cell Phone Screen Replacement - The average person can do it!

My wife recently upgraded her phone to the brand new Nokia Lumia 1020. Like most people do she dropped it and the screen cracked. We went to CPR Cell Phone Repair and the price they quoted us to have it repaired was $290. We said no thanks because it was more than we spent on the phone itself.

I got online and after a few minutes of searching I was able to find out where I could order the screen for only about $160. It is called screen and digitizer because its not just glass it actually has functions to it (which is part of the reason it is so expensive). Its also expensive because its so new (the price has gone down a little since I ordered last week)

You can order a replacement screen here 

Then I did another Google search and was able to find out the tools needed to replace the screen - a standard cell phone tool kit you can buy for 10 bucks on E bay will work so long as you have the Torx + T4 a pair of tweezers and an SRT 6 pry tool (it looks like a guitar pick but thicker)

The tool kit I used is here

Nokia actually released the tear down manual to the public and it is here

I was really nervous at first because I had never taken apart a phone before and I was worried I was going to break it. Once I got the screen separated but had not yet released the connections is when I was really feeling like I was going to break it.

However, once I got the first connector released (the one for the battery) I realized that this was no different than taking apart a computer the pieces are just really small in comparison. 3 Connectors is all you need to release, first the battery then the camera then the display and the screen comes right off.

Then I took the camera off the old screen following the instructions in the tear down manual and attached it quite easily to the new screen. and re-attached the connections in reverse order attaching the display 1st then the camera and finishing with the battery. My hands are a little shaky so it took me a few minutes to do this carefully.

From there I was home free, I just snapped the screen back down tightened the 1 screw and popped the sim trey back in.

As I pushed the power button to turn it back on with the new screen I was really nervous and when it lit up I felt really accomplished.

I saved over 100 bucks by doing it myself and you can too! I hear other phones are really easy too especially iPhones.

Have you ever thought repairing your phone cost too much?

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