Sunday, February 9, 2014

Top 5 Things from Mid Winter

This weekend around 100 students from North Texas took to Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center. These are my observations of the top 5 things of the weekend.

#5 - Bridgeport Sunset - 
Picture Taken by Hope Rouse
It is no secret that one of the most amazing things about Bridgeport is watching the sunset from the cross. It has become a staple, a standard, and an expectation to see something beautiful. Yet even still each time I am blown away by the beauty that is displayed. Beyond the capture of any picture or painting this is surely one of everyone's favorite things about Bridgeport.

#4 - You Have 662 Notifications on Cluster

This weekend we used a new app called Cluster to share photos from the weekend. It was an amazing tool and a great way for sharing our great parts of the weekend with each other. It seemed that every time you check your phone there were more and more people interacting. It seemed that every 5 minutes that you waited to check it there were another 100 things cluster wanted to tell you had happened.

#3 - Andy Roberts - 

Andy was our speaker for the weekend and he was a true blessing. It would be so incomplete for me to summarize his messages in a few short sentences so I will just re-iterate: "You are Loved, You are Forgiven, and Supper is Ready"

#2 - Denton Wesley Praise Band - 

It is such a blessing to be led by this group of musicians in worship. We have had them out to our church to play and are always excited to hear them lead worship. In my youth group I have some very talented musicians and they drool over how each of them master their instrument and bring it together to make more than just music.

#1 - CCYM - 
Yet again the CCYM of the NTC has shown how amazing they are. They plan, prepare, and lead the Mid Winter Retreat, and do it with skill that is beyond what most people expect of teenagers. These students are not your average group of teens. They are more than just leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders today. They make Family Groups into the amazing experience that it always is. They create wonderful scavenger hunts that encourage the use of technology in a way that brings people together. They offer funny yet deeply insightful testimonies in worship. They allow us to walk away smiling about phrases like "Y'all are getting emotional, I'm going to get Icecream," and "So I started paying attention to that little guy on stage prancing around in a robe on Sunday Mornings." Yet we understand the depth of the message they are communicating with us. I am so thankful that I get to see how amazing these students can be when they come together to accomplish something for God.

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